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- the spacious motorhome for everyone -

Rent our spacious motorhome.

Equipped with trailer hitch, detachable shower and lift bed and rear garage accessible from both sides.

Travel comfortably with 4 people.

Rental price from € 99 per day

  • L 698 x W 232 x H 295 cm

  • 131 hp, manual gearbox

  • payload approx. 450 kg, permissible max. 3500 kg 

  • Rear view camera, navigation system, cruise control

  • Trailer coupling (expected end of August), awning

  • Equipped for 4 persons

  • Rear single beds: 195 x 80 cm and 185 x 80 cm (convertible to double bed approx. 195 x 210 cm) with safety net

  • Lifting bed: 200 x 140 cm with safety net

  • Bathroom with separable shower

  • Refrigerator (140 l) with freezer (15 l)

  • 3-plate gas cooker

  • Fresh water tank 100 l, waste water tank 90 l

  • Spacious rear garage, accessible from both sides

  • suitable for winter due to auxiliary heating and insulated water tank + all-season tyres

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  • Windows above the rear bed, in the aisle, above the lift bed, above the cockpit and in the bathroom.

  • Mosquito nets, blackout blinds

  • Awning

  • Trailer coupling 

  • Large rear garage, accessible from both sides

Ausgestattet mit 2 bequemen Längsbetten, die leicht zu einem Doppelbett zusammengebaut werden können.
  • Additional equipment of our Seacamper:

  • Coffee maker

  • Tableware, cooking utensils

  • Vacuum cleaner, hand brush and other cleaning utensils (also for the chemical toilet)

  • Electric cable, water hose

  • Fitted sheets

  • Camping table + chairs 

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Highlights of the 6.9 SF:

  • Vario bathroom: the washbasin is folded to the side and a shower cubicle is created

  • trailer coupling

  • large rear, accessible from both sides

Etrusco T7300
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